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EXPOSED: Techniques Employed To Brainwash And Control The Masses

It is a well-known fact that intelligence agencies around the globe have deployed operatives and agents to infiltrate target countries by having them pose as journalists. This is meant to provide the operatives and agents with legitimate cover and allow the operative’s government to shape public opinion in the host country by having the operatives use the media position.

The end goal is to brainwash citizens with propaganda. However, propaganda and brainwashing is not only done by foreign agents and operatives, its mostly done by the institutionalized media which pushes a specific political agenda. The recently concluded election is a concrete example of how the mainstream media tries to spread propaganda in a bid to push a certain political agenda. However, this time the MMS terribly failed in getting the anointed Hillary Clinton elected, thanks to the alt-media. The MMS was busy making up narratives to smear up the President-elect Donald Trump, but that did not work.

The Walking Times has denoted several techniques that are deployed by the establishment media to brainwash the masses. It’s without a doubt that the mainstream media are the real tattlers of fake news. The father of modern propaganda is known as Edward Bernays, he’s renowned for employing social engineering tacts via the mass media of the day. He laid the groundwork back in the early 20th century for what was to later become cultural programming at the societal level by assisting in the transformation of agrarian and rural based society to a homogenized culture devout of consumers and statists.

Edward Bernays developed principles that have greatly affected the growth of American culture and the direction it took to the present moment. Several experts picked Bernays torch into the 21st century as they dwell in tactics such as mind control, propaganda, and brainwashing.

Most of the problems that we’re facing as a society are actually funded by the Left-wing billionaires such as Bill Gates and George Soros yet the establishment media is busy trying to cover up the political agenda behind the issues by portraying them as locally brewed and spontaneous.

Its funny how the establishment media always gives the organic and malicious groups that endorse racism, homophobic, politically broken, unfair, bigoted- so much attention yet it never calls for unity or peace. A seasoned veteran and investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson explains how the above is made possible – through a technique known as Astroturfing.

Astroturfing is when political, corporate or other special interests disguise themselves and publish blogs, twitter and Facebook accounts, publish ads, or simply comment online in a move aimed at fooling you into thinking that an independent movement is speaking.

The other technique deployed against is subliminal messaging which entails controlling our thoughts by creating false narratives – it’s at the corner of mind control. The idea behind this technique is to unwittingly bombard the masses with concealed information and rigger emotions that leave people’s judgement and intellect subjugated in favor of mental process such as fear.

These techniques are directly contributing to most societal, economic, and political problems in our culture. The most obvious technique is the proliferation of fake news by the MMS which intentionally omits by not covering an issue as though it wasn’t important or real and also by slanting coverage through the use of bised sources and experts and publishing falsified science and data. Its time for the masses to awaken to the reality and desist from being brainwashed and manipulated into the hidden political agendas of the malicious establishment media.

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