By: Steve Dellar | 10-12-2017 | News
Photo credit: Milwaukee Police Department

Video: Idiot Arrested After Selling Drugs Via Facebook Live

They say that wisdom only kicks in when you turn 40. In any case, it was clear that this particular 20 year old needed a few more decades to think his business plan through.

Mr Jeffery Kirk was arrested after selling marijuana, and filming it on Facebook live to promote his own business.

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Law enforcement can from time to time be very easy of course. We can only guess that a rival of his wanted to get rid of an easy competitor when he sent the 40 minute Facebook live video to the police showing Mr Kirk driving around (with an illegal firearm as well) and making several transactions.

He can be seen posting on Facebook live and answering to chats, telling customers to call him on his phone, all whilst driving and taking in orders.

Ms Stacy Steen, a law enforcement instructor at a local police academy said she will be showing the video to students: "I've never seen this personally. I guess so blatant. But it really doesn't surprise me. If there is somebody willing to put their business out there just for plain view, people to view, you know, it makes the law enforcement job easy. And it's also an opportunity for the public to get more involved in crime prevention."

The video contains 3 drug deals in Milwaukee: in the first stop (in the area of N. 35th Street and W. Hampton), the client wants a ‘tre-5’ meaning 3.5 grams of marijuana. During the second deal (in the area of 67th and W. Capitol Drive), Mr Kirk can be seen using a scale to weigh the marijuana before putting it in a bag.

Fun fact: Mr Kirk’s business went so well that day that at a certain point in the video he is seen calling his mother to come out and bring some more.

During his arrest interview with police officers, Mr Kirk admitted owning a .22 caliber rifle and the .40 caliber handgun which can be seen on the images. He declares that he bought both weapons illegally on the street.


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Anonymous No. 9524 2017-10-12 : 21:07

"Nawww he wasn't selling drugs out of his house, it's called harassment."

Yeah, he's partially right. Sounds like he was running drugs out of the car and GROWING them in the house. I'm for legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, but I'm against stupidity.

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