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Jogger Sexually Assaulted While Bystanders Did Nothing

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A woman in South Philadelphia was attacked by a group of teenagers while jogging on the Schuylkill River Trail Tuesday, and she says not a single person who passed by helped her. The woman is 43-years-old but did not wish for her identity to be released. She says the incident took place around 5:45 p.m. while she was jogging on the Boardwalk section of her usual route where the Schuylkil River Park trail meets the South Street Bridge in South Philadelphia.

The woman says it was five to six teens riding mountain bikes who surrounded her in an interview with Philly Mag on Wednesday morning. One of the teens even groped her, "He grabbed my ass and looked me dead in the eye and started laughing. The others started yelling at me and laughing. Then one came from behind and swerved around me and said, ‘I guess you didn’t see me, bitch'."

After that, the teens rode off but not for long. She says the group came back and continued to harass her and not one of the many people on the trail tried to intervene. Finally, she started to scream prompting a nearby couple to ask if everything was OK. At this time the teenage bikers had already fled the scene. The woman says recognizes the group and has seen them at the same spot several times.

She also told Philly Mag, "I was born and raised in Germantown and I am not afraid of the Philadelphia streets but here you have boys who have more power and space in our society and in our community than women. They think they can act with impunity and women just have to be like, Oh, boys will be boys? This is really violating and upsetting, being diminished by children when you’re just minding your own business."

The woman has reported the crime to the 17th Police District where she lives. She was transferred to the Special Victims Unit where a detective took her statement. The statement describes a group of black males 13 to 14-years-old and the Philadelphia Police Department is investigating the crime.

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