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Death Toll Rises To 21 And 380 Still Missing In California Wildfires

The death toll in the California Wildfires has risen to 21 Wednesday as the rapidly spreading fires engulf more and more towns. The state has been battling some of the worst Wildfires in the states history as dangerous winds continue to spread the blazes. Today, all residents of Calistoga and Geyserville were ordered to evacuate. Firefighters face a tough fight on several fronts as the fire burns homes and farmland indiscriminately.

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Sargent Scott Fleming of the St. Helena Police Department said, "Winds have shifted out of the northeast. Our goal is to have all 5,000 residents out by 5 p.m." In a news conference held at a state emergency operations center outside Sacramento, state and federal officials said they are working together in an all-out effort to keep the devastating wildfires at bay. Mark Ghilarducci, the Services Director of the Office of Emergency, said "We are all hands on deck."

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Even the governer of California conveyed the massive scope of the wildfires, "We’ve had big fires in the past. This is one of the biggest." California Fire spokeswoman Heather Williams said people have died in Sonoma County, Mendocino County, Yuba County and Napa County.

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Officials cited a fear that dangerous winds forecasted for Wednesday evening and Thursday will spread embers from a fire currently raging in Tubbs to populated areas like Santa Rosa and Calistoga, two areas that have so far been untouched by the blazes. The fears of prompted both counties to be evacuated as well.

California Fire Division Chief Ben Nicholls said, "The clock is ticking, so we’re giving it everything we’ve got — hand crews, fire engines, bulldozers, air support — to keep the fire within the perimeter." So far there is no sign the fires will be under control any time soon and the devastation continues to take lives and homes from the people of California.

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