By: Savannah Smith | 10-11-2017 | News
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More Pedophiles Becoming Foster Parents

He was supposed to serve as guardian, protector and second parent to vulnerable kids, and give them a safe and secure shelter which can be considered a loving home. However, a man did the unthinkable and harmed some of the children he was supposed to care for.

A foster parent from a Medina County in Devine, Texas was arrested on Wednesday on charges of sexually assaulting children under his care.

58-year-old Miguel Briseno faces three counts of sexual assault of a child.

Law enforcement officers revealed that victims came forward in Medina County and Bexar County where he also used to live.

A joint investigation from the Medina County Sheriff’s Office, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers led to Briseno’s arrest at a home in Devine on Wednesday.

Briseno, according to a public records search, was also previously arrested in Medina County in 2013 on sexual assault of a child charge. Public records also show that said charge was changed later to solicitation to commit sexual assault of a child.

In 2015, records also show that Briseno pleaded guilty to a reduced misdemeanor assault charge.

The shocking and disturbing thing is the fact that over the fast few decades Briseno has fostered up to 200 children. The children were placed in foster care in Briseno’s home from August in 2015 to June 2010.

The authorities are still investigating further and may build more cases against the dubious foster parent. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is requesting for the help of other possible victims of Briseno, that they come forward, too, to share their stories and possible abuse under Briseno’s supposed care.

The authorities are asking other possible victims to call 210-335-TIPS.


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yo No. 9487 2017-10-11 : 23:43

This is so disgustingly abhorrent. We need to institute higher penalties even capital punishment. These nasty vile people have so egregiously violated this child some younger than a year. What sort of being is attracted to a baby?! (That was a rhetorical statement)

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