By: Savannah Smith | 10-11-2017 | News
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Ex-Boyfriend Arrested for the Killing of University of Pittsburgh Student

The ex-boyfriend of a murdered student from the University of Pittsburgh has been arrested in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The body of the slain student was discovered in her off-campus apartment on Sunday.

The suspect, 21-year-old Matthew Darby was arrested at around 12:45 a.m. Wednesday. The Pittsburgh police have confirmed the suspect’s arrest.

Darby was charged with criminal homicide in the death of 20-year-old Alina Sheykhet on Tuesday evening. The authorities found a claw hammer and two knives in a sewer drain near Sheyknet’s apartment.

On that same day, Darby’s parents through his attorney, begged him to surrender to the authorities already, even as the lawyer took pains not to address the merits of the case.

The victim’s body was discovered by her own father on Sunday morning. The dad decided to break down her door after she failed to answer calls. He was supposed to be picking her up to attend a breast cancer awareness walk.

The police said Sheyknet died due to head trauma, and the case was ruled a homicide.

Prior to the murder, Darby was already arrested on September 26 and charged with criminal tresspass for allegedly attempting to break into the victim’s apartment.

Sheykhet filed for protection then and also claimed that Darby climbed the gutter of her home and broke in through the second-floor window. Sheykhet also said that Darby was simply bitter because she left him and she stopped answering his phone calls.

The victim described in that filing for protection Darby as “abusive, controlling and jealous.

The protection order was then granted.

Darby was charged inn March with rape, sexual assault and other charges in Indiana County. He posted $10,000 bail that month.

Her father described Sheykhet as “the best person in the world.”


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