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Ivanka Trump says Executive Order on Immigration and DACA is a Bad Idea; and She's Right

Ivanka Trump has been a vocal member of the President of the United States of America’s closest advisers; and she's taken a lot of criticism for it.

For one, she's the Daughter of President Trump, bringing a close aspect of family and compassion to the table which has also garnished her criticisms for being related to the most powerful man in the world and simultaneously advising him.

Some of those who've expressed frustration about Jared and Ivanka have been correct in their remarks; whereas it's seemed that much of the bad advice given to the President on issues his base does not support have came from the power couple.

Now Ivanka is saying that an Executive Order on Immigration and DACA would be a terrible move to make.

While at first glance most folks are going to reply with the tone of <i>this is a bad idea</i> or <i>Ivanka shouldn't have a say so in this matter</i>; and as one of her fiercest critics it may surprise you for me to tell you that <i>she's actually right</i> here in this suggestion.

Ivanka is right? Yes, she's 100% right.

If the President of the United States of America makes a major maneuver on immigration or DACA via the wave of a pen; it can easily be undone in the future.

The demographic shift of America is indeed important to those whom have immigrated to America <i>legally</i> and have worked hard to succeed and settle into the American way of life.

We do not need bloodthirsty savages from anywhere including Central and South America, Africa, or the Middle East entering these United States with zero intention of becoming productive to society.

America shall never become Europe, where criminalized Sharia-worshipping barbarians flood the streets, raping and violently assaulting the general populace.

The native Europeans have been betrayed by globalist bankers who purchased their democracy and have corrupted their election systems to the point that their opinions are no longer relevant.

Illegals, as Americans would define them; are refugees in Europe and many of whom are eligible to vote to continue the endless destructive ploys of the Globalists.

That could have happened right here, in America. That could have been our fate with an open borders policy. I thank God every day that Donald J. Trump won the Presidency even if Congress isn't assisting in Making America Great Again; because anyway you look at it President Trump has put a cork into the Globalists’ bottle of wine.

So let's say nearly eight years from now another puppet of the left were to be elected into office, in a hypothetical sense.

If President Trump makes the changes needed; and they're <i>desperately needed</i>, to reform our immigration policies and rescind DACA via the stroke of his pen… Well it can be undone.

We're witnessing the Obama Legacy wiped away because Obama failed to accomplish anything through Congress and relied solely upon the ink of the infamous power of the pen.

Ivanka Trump, despite some criticisms granted to her being worthy of consideration, is elegant in her vision here; and she's never been more on point in delivering the truth.

“This is a very complicated issue that needs a long-term congressional fix,” said Ivanka. “An Executive Order is not a good solution for immigration reform since that can be rescinded through another administration.”

We cannot allow that to happen folks, and as badly as I want each and every illegal immigrant including those who came here as children through DACA to get the hell out of my country (I want them all gone, unless they're legal immigrants) immigration reform is far too important to let slide and risk being changed in a handful of years.

We must now stand with the likes of Steve Bannon, and vote out every incumbent piece of human trash who has stood in the President’s way.

To Drain the Swamp, it's going to take an awful lot of energy and meme magic, but I am confident we can do it.

Once that's done, once we remove the blockade to MAGA, then we can accomplish comprehensive reform to our immigration system and pass laws that will forever ensure the security and sanctity of the American Dream, for the <i>Americans<i> who dream it.

Whether you love or hate Ivanka, she couldn't be more correct here, and her stance on the long term implications if immigration tells us that she indeed does love America and wants to ensure that her children, your children, my children, our children do not have to fight another battle in the future that this Administration has promised to fight for us.

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