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Princeton Grad Who Shot Father Over Allowance Rejects Plea Deal

Mr Thomas Gilbert Junior, the 30 year old son of millionaire Manhattan hedge-funder Thomas Gilbert Sr., rejected a plea deal yesterday which would have let him get out of a possible life sentence.

You may recall that Mr Gilbert Junior shot his father in 2015 as his old man had cut his monthly allowance by 200$. In essence, the son received a monthly allowance of 2,400$ for rent and 600$ for spending but got upset when his 70-year old father informed him that in order to get his son to (finally) find a job, he would be cutting the spending money to 400$ a month.

Mr Gilbert Junior instructed his mother to fetch him a sandwich so she would be out and he could be alone with his father in their Beekman Place apartment. Allegedly, he pulled a gun and shot his father.

After a weeklong hearing of the case, Justice Melissa Jackson asked Mr Gilbert if he was ready to accept the plea bargain of a maximum penalty of up to 25 years in prison in exchange for a guilty plea to first-degree manslaughter, to which he replied negatively.

Meanwhile the mother, Ms Shelley Gilbert, made a statement to the press outside the courtroom on behalf of her son who she claims suffers from schizophrenia: “The laws and procedures involving mental illness in the state of New York are medieval. Had our family had access to the kind of care for Tommy he needed, this horror story would never have happened,”

During the proceedings, a detective told of the moment Ms Shelley Gilbert had to tell Gilbert Jr.’s sister of her father’s death.

At the moment, Miss Claire Gilbert, 25 at the time, was sitting in a packed church service when her mother and a police officer showed up. The mother, clearly still shocked, told her daughter: ‘Daddy’s dead and Tommy shot him.’

The detective who accompanied Ms Gilbert recalled: “Claire let out a cry, which stopped the entire mass. Everybody turned and looked at us. Claire keeps saying, she said several times, ‘I thought he was getting better? You said he was getting better. You said he was on medication.”

The case continues.


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Anonymous No. 9511 2017-10-12 : 14:42

Oooh, 200 dollars less a month.

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