By: Steve Dellar | 10-11-2017 | News
Photo credit: Dubois County Police Department

Indiana Dentist Raped His Caged 14-Year Old Daughter As Wife Looked On

A 57 year old Indiana Dentist, Mr Alan Friz, and his 36 year old wife, Ms Aimee Friz, were booked this week on charges of neglect and criminal confinement. The sick father had raped and caged his 14 year old daughter every night since a month. During that time, the girl had no access to food or water.

Police forces searched the home and found a wooden cage labeled with the girls’ name in which she had been kept for a month.

Mr Alan Friz admitted to locking up his own daughter but said in his defense that this was done for her own good as the girl had threatened to kill her mother and the unborn child she was carrying.

The girl meanwhile had informed her mother on multiple occasions of the indecent behavior her father had shown her whilst in the shower or in her cage, but the mother did not react.

The abuse was discovered when the the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department was called at 10.40am last Wednesday after having received reports of an unruly juvenile at the home.

When interviewing the teen, she stated that she had been locked at times in a cage.

Mr Alan Friz was taken into custody that day on preliminary confinement and neglect charges.

When asked about the allegations of his own daughter, the dentist dad responded: “The Lord is good.”

During the court session however, Mr Friz became unresponsive when the charges against him were read out.

Mr Friz was formerly charged with 26 criminal counts, including four felony counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, 11 felony counts of neglect, and 11 felony counts of criminal confinement. His wife is also facing 11 felony counts of neglect and 11 felony counts of criminal confinement.


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Anonymous No. 9473 2017-10-11 : 18:58

Dentists are such freaks

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