By: Savannah Smith | 10-11-2017 | News
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Trans Activist Pushing for “Genderless” UK Passports- Will Bring Challenge to High Court

An activist born as a female but who considers herself as “non-gendered” can now bring her campaign for gender-neutral passport against the UK government all the way to the High Court.

Christian Elan-Cane has been permitted to take the UK government to the High Court, a milestone in her 25-year long fight to have UK passports that recognize people who neither identify as male or female.

Elan-Cane has been pushing hard for a “third option” on passports for supposedly “genderless” people like herself. Elan-Cane wants the government to use an ‘X’ on travel documents and passports as option for those identifying as “genderless.”

Elan-Cane will find out today if the case she has been pursuing will proceed to a full hearing. She wrote on her Facebook account on Saturday: “The UK government is generally regarded as out of step, with policy change in this area being implemented in other countries.”

The activist-campaigner also said that her case is the first legal challenge against the Home Office’s interior ministry passport policy.

Just last month, Elan-Cane also claimed that she’s bringing her fight to legal avenues because she has tried and exhausted available options in the political process, but the UK government has shown little or no interest to “seriously consider the issue.”’

Elan-Cane’s law firm, Clifford Chance, which has been representing her since 2013, has declined to comment about the incoming hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Home Office spokesperson also told the local media that it does not wish to comment also on the case since “it would be inappropriate to comment on ongoing legal proceedings.”

Other countries which have issued so-called “genderless” passports include Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Malta, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Ireland and Canada.


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