By: Kyle James | 10-11-2017 | News
Photo credit: Joshua Pyne | Facebook

WATCH: Man Assaulted On New York Train-car, Authorities Not Concerned

A video posted on Facebook shows a drunk man on a Brooklyn subway shouting while drinking what appears to be an alcoholic beverage. The white male repeatedly tried to provoke other passengers with racial slurs. Another white passenger tried to quite the belligerent man and stood between him and others to stop a physical altercation from starting.

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Finally, fed up passengers threw the man off the train while authorities failed to intervene. One woman even threw her cup of soup on the man. While the man was shouting a racial slur, he was clearly doing it to get a rise out of the black passengers on the train and when confronted he hid behind the First Amendment arguing it allows him to say whatever he wants.

The video was filmed by Joshua Pyne who says he doesn't condone violence but he's "not gonna lose sleep over what happened to this guy." What the video fails to show is what happened before the camera started recording. The man seems upset by something that was either said her done to him that sent him off on the angry rant.

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