By: Kyle James | 10-10-2017 | News
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Century Old Couple Burn Together In California Wildfire

A couple who had been together and met in grade school burned today inside their home in California where wildfires still rage out of control. Mike Rippey is the son of the deceased and says he was driving out to his Napa home this past Monday when he managed to skip past security monitoring the edge of the danger zone.

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Rippey says it was his brother who first found their bodies after driving to Napa and says his father must have been trying to save his mother but died from smoke inhalation on his way to her room. Rippey said, "My father certainly wouldn’t have left her." The couple had known each other since grade school and had been sweethearts every since. They even celebrated their 75th anniversary last year.

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The California wildfires continue to rage on burning another series of neighborhoods and storefronts. As of Tuesday night, 17 more people are confirmed dead across the state from the wildfires. 2,000 structures have been destroyed, and the missing persons reported have exceeded 240. The wildfires have already burned much of California's wine country and over 2,000 residents have already been evacuated.

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