By: Kyle James | 10-11-2017 | News
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Robbers Tortured Man With Fish Hook, Blow Torch And Fists

A 36-year-old man from New York waved down two officers at the Atlantic City public safety building and told them of a two-day long robbery turned into torture. The man described two attackers who robbed him of $700, but that's not where the criminals stopped. Next, they two men used a blow torch, large fish hook and their own fists to torture the victim. The attackers held the man against his will at home in Atlantic City.

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After escaping to tell his tale, he was taken to a local hospital where doctors treated his injuries. The crime took place near Boardwalk Hall at an apartment along South Georgia Avenue. That is where the victim says three men held him against his will and assaulted him. One burned his feet with a blow torch, another hooked a giant fishhook in his mouth and all repeatedly punched him over the two-day assault.

Officers arrested Roberto Alicea and Mark Hopewell after finding Hopewell, 32 with a small blowtorch and Alicea, 28, with a large fish hook in mouth. Both men have been arrested for robbery, aggravated assault, weapons and conspiracy charges. A third attacker is still wanted by police.

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