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A Giant Hole the Size of Lake Superior has Appeared in Antarctica, Leaving Researchers Stunned

Scientists are absolutely baffled by the hole that has appeared in Antarctica, and they're not sure why it's appeared to begin with.

The hole is as large as Lake Superior, or even the State of Maine, and as of now, there is not even a logical theory to explain how it happened.

Atmospheric Physicist Kent Moore, who's a Professor at the University of Toronto's Mississauga Campus said that “It looks like you just punched a hole in the ice. It's quite remarkable.”

Such a hole is also called a <i>polynya</i>, which is an area of open ocean waters which are located in the middle of ice sheets.

According to research, the hotel was first observed in the exact same location in the 1970s, but scientists at that time were limited in what their ability was in order to study it.

“At that time, the scientific community had just launched the first satellites that provided images of the sea-ice cover from space. On-site measurements in the Southern Ocean still require enormous efforts, so they are quite limited,” Dr. Torge Martin said of the mysterious hole.

The now recurrence supports a climate model of studies by a research group at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, who identified the so-called polynya as part of natural climate variability and explained its awe and wonder in the community of science.

Just last year in 2016, the hole surprisingly enough opened yet again, but only for a few short weeks.

The 2017 polynya in which is being witnessed now is larger than the Netherlands in size and was first noticed to have opened in early September, and marks “the second year in a row it's opened after 40 years of not being there,” Moore said.

Blaming climate change is considered “premature” and incorrect, Moore stated, adding that physicists and researchers within his team are working to publish their conclusive documentation on why the hole has appeared again.

Moore said, “For us, this ice-free area is an important new data point which we can use to validate our climate models. Its occurrence after several decades also confirms our previous calculations.”

None of these scientific claims, however, have stopped the conspiracy theorists from having their own opinions on the matter; with many suggesting it's simply more conclusive evidence of the Hollow Earth Theory.

Popular UFOlogists have long since claimed both that there are extraterrestrial bases on Antarctica or that there could be a civilization within the Earth, that predates humanity.

Admiral Byrd of the United States Navy seemingly believed this, as did Adolf Hitler, whom both led expeditions into the Antarctic to pursue their quest for advanced knowledge.


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Anonymous No. 9460 2017-10-11 : 10:19

Over the years readers have been provided numerous articles by claimed scientists. Ranging from finding South Polar undersea volcano's, Ozone issues, UFO base, Center of Earth entrance, secret Space Command particle beam Space weapon testing and more.

My humorist theory, and just as good as theirs ….its the heat from too much Penguin manure ☺

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