By: Earnest Jones | 01-05-2017 | News
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Global Warming Is A Rockefeller Scam

Rockefeller told Aaron Russo that the end goal is to get everybody chipped, to exert control on the whole society, to have the elite people and bankers control the world. The Rockefeller family has a track record of using its inconceivably wealthy banking and oil dynasty to hijack media organization, governments, universities and other non-profit organizations as it strives to expand its control over the economy and the energy sector in particular.

In a report released by a watchdog, the Rockefeller dynasty has largely bankrolled, created, and weaponized what is known as the ‘’green’’ movement. This endeavors seek to expand their empire over the past three decades.

In a report made by New America, it’s evident that the Rockefeller family has been working under the guise of fighting man-made global warming. The Rockefeller dynasty has been using its Billions to bankroll everything from politicians, climate journalism (propaganda), and academia to politically motivate the investigation of energy companies.

The hedge-fund billionaire George Soros helped in the funding efforts, according to a report by the Washington, D.C.-based watchdog Energy and Environmental Legal Institute titled The Rockefeller Way: The Family’s Covert ‘’Climate Change’’ Plan. The report clearly shows that the billionaires’ main goal was to crush the oil and gas industry by using government power as the ideal weapon of choice, so as to gain ultimate control over the energy sector. It’s no surprise that the Rockefellers have heavily invested in renewable energy as highlighted in the report.

The Rockefellers are very good at using conspiracies to gain market share. As a result they use shady tactics. The report points out on how John D. Rockefeller Sr., the founding patriarch of the Rockefeller dynasty, gained a virtual monopoly over the U.S. energy industry by the 1880s before the feds broke it into smaller corporations. The Rockefellers used their massive wealth to accumulate massive amounts of power across the world. Their current agenda is more nefarious than to simply dominate the energy-market.

The global warming conspiracy was simply a tip of the iceberg of the many conspiracies and scams that the Rockefeller and its allies use to promote tyranny and globalism, this aligns with the dynasties long track record of promoting globalism and tyranny using whatever pretext might be the most convenient. The E&E Legal report has done the world a great service by enlightening the world on how the Rockefellers lust for power and control is undermining the greater good for humankind.

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