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New York Man Slashed In The Face Like The "Joker" By Stranger

21-year-old Anthony Durden was on his way home from a long day at Comic Con when a stranger walked past him and slashed him across the face with a sharp object. The slash wound stretched from the left corner of his mouth nearly to his ear similar to the Joker's scared face in the Batman series. The attack occurred on the A train in Rockaway, Queens early Sunday morning around 1:30 a.m. and he says he didn't even realize he was injured at first.

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Durden said, "I look up and I see it coming down from this side. I'm like, 'yo, you slashed me in the face." The man who had just disfigured him looked at him and laughed. Durden defended himself with the only thing he had available, a piece of a costume from an anime series called "Naruto."

Next, Durden says "I hit him in the face with what I had in my hand and he tried to slice me again. The man fled the train as soon as it stopped and his location is unknown. Still reeling from the attack, Durden got off the train trailing a steady stream of blood still pouring from his face. He says he was fortunate that a member of his church congregation was nearby and offered him a towel to stop the bleeding.

The injury took over 20 stitches to repair the large laceration. "The wound is from the back of my neck all the way down," Durden said. He even says he has a message for his attacker, "I forgive him. At the end of the day, things happen. I'm thankful to be alive."

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Police are seeking the public's help to identify the dangerous attacker. He has been described as being in his late 20's around 5 feet 8 inches tall and was wearing a red, white and blue jacket, blue jeans and white sneakers.

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Anonymous No. 9412 2017-10-10 : 10:13

What is missing from the suspect description? Hint, PC says avoid saying it, because it sounds racist.

Anonymous No. 9440 2017-10-11 : 02:46

It's inaccurate in it's reference to the Joker. By the logic applied here, if you fall off a building, you're trying to fly…

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