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John Podesta [email protected] Was [email protected]: Assange

Talking of breathtaking stupidity, John Podesta decided to break the golden rule of internet security in the most intriguing way. Julian Assange held an interview with Sean Hannity in which he exposes that Podesta’s email password was ‘’PASSWORD.’’ It has been revealed that a 14-year-old could have hacked the U.S. election since John Podesta’s email password was ‘’password.’’ Making it very vulnerable.

Despite the unfounded claims by the intelligence community claiming that Russian hackers were behind the DNC hack, its now evident that a novice hacker could have easily hacked into Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s computer.

WikiLeaks unleashed thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in the last year’s election campaign. The whistle blowing site has continuously maintained that Russia was not behind the leak.

The President-elect Donald Trump sided with WikiLeaks as he pointed out that the intelligence community has got it all wrong adding that Russia is not the source of the leak and neither are professional hackers, insinuating that it could be a teenager. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Julian Assange also echoed Trump’s claims saying that a teenager could have hacked into Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s and retrieved emails that the website published last during the election campaign.

Assange said that WikiLeaks published several emails which indicate Podesta responding to a phishing email. During Part 1 of the interview which aired on ‘’Hannity’’ Tuesday night, adding that Podesta gave out his own password. Assange also exposed Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State adding that she made no attempt to keep her private emails safe from potential hostile states. Its such a disgrace to find out that Hillary Clinton campaign chairman has no idea that ‘’Password’’ has been consistently named the 2nd worst password possible and its simply vulnerable.

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