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Texas Pedo Arrested by Orlando Police for Attempts to Have Sex with 9-Year-Old Girl ​

Authorities in Orlando Florida say that they may have saved a young child from being sexually assaulted by a deranged pedophile from Texas.

The Orlando Police Department set up an undercover program to lure pedophiles into their trap with ads placed onto an e-commerce website that offered them a chance to engage with “experienced parents to learn new things from about raising little ones”, according to Orlando Police Detectives.

The same day as the post went live, a 64-Year-Old man from Austin, Texas responded to the advertisement where detectives posed as parents of 9-Year-Old.

According to the Detectives, Mark Andrew Nichols was that suspect, who sent multiple emails and text messages responding to the ad stating that he wanted to “talk more” at a later time.

Around 8 days after the initial conversing, Detectives posing as the Father of the nonexistent child said that they were looking to get their daughter into modeling, and asked Nichols what his interests were.

"When you say interests, are you asking generally? Or sexually?" Nichols responded to the Detectives.

Nichols then began to delve into his disgusting pedophilia fantasies, saying that he's “fascinated with incest” and that he would love to have sex with the 9-Year-Old girl as long as the Father watched him doing it, or possibly participated.

These remarks highly disturbed the Orlando Police Department, who knew they now must remove this man from society due to his perverse fantasies and willingness to act upon them.

Nichols added, "I am extremely respectful about all of this," then mentioned that he would like to travel to Orlando to meet the family.

The official arrest report says Nichols sent this final message before heading to Orlando:

<blockquote>“I would like to visit you all. I am interested in having sex with (child decoy’s name) and (the child decoy’s mother’s name). I am bi so I am open to some bi play with you if you are interested. If you are not, that is fine. I would maybe like to watch you have sex with (the child). Be there. Touch and re-assure her. Then have sex with her myself. Would (the child) want to watch me with mom?” He further texted, “I want to be respectful and just provide you all with a fun, safe experience.”</blockquote>

On Saturday Nichols then took a flight to Orlando, and while traveling continued to send messages to a Detective he thought was the 9-Year-Old child's mother.

He told her that he had “enjoyed bath time” with his own daughter but that he had never actually “acted upon his desires” before.

He also mentioned that he purchased both Skittles and Sour Patch Kids candy to make sure the child felt comfortable.

Yes, the stereotypes about pedophiles luring kids with candy are indeed a part of reality.

Once Nichols arrived at the predetermined meeting location, Orlando Police were ready to take this sick bastard down.

Nichols was placed under arrest and charged with attempted sexual battery on a child under 12, attempted lewd or lascivious conduct, solicitation of a minor via a computer, obscene communication, traveling to meet a minor and unlawful use of a two-way device.

Court records show that Nichols is now being held in the Orange County Jail without bail since he's clearly a threat to children and society, where he will remain until trial.


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