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Trump Administration and EPA Announce Repeal of Obama Era Clean Power Regulations

Another major victory for American Industry over the Communist regulations and rules set in place by the Obama Administration which cared more for decorative appearances in the world than seeing American industries survive.

The Current t Environmental Protection Agency Chief, Scott Pruitt, announced publicly on Monday that the President Trump Administration will repeal the Clean Power Plan put in place by the failed Obama Administration.

We get to enjoy continuing watching the legacy of one of the most devastating Presidents in history be erased, and it's most certainly likely Obama is crying in a corner somewhere.

The original Clean Power Plan claimed it would reduce carbon emissions from power plants by 30 percent nationwide in an effort to slow man-made climate change, however it's only been harmful to industries that were suffering annually due to neverending regulations and Fines.

A total of 28 states has previously sued the EPA over the Obama-era rule, saying it was killing their industry and costing Americans jobs.

The United States Supreme Court blocked the original rule from going into effect in 2016, a huge move that met the approval of industry groups such as the Coal Councils of each of the states where coal is prevalent.

Critics of the plan have always maintained the notion to say the EPA doesn’t have the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in such a way and the plan would make coal-generated power too expensive to even continue to pursue.

Back in March, President Donald Trump directed the EPA to review the Clean Power Plan of Obama and hinted that it may be removed entirely.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says he’ll now publish the repeal proposal Tuesday, which has the energy sector excited with great anticipation.

The EPA is currently required to collect public comments on the plan, and use that input to provide a new role for the agency.

However the EPA says it hasn’t decided if it will propose an alternative rule to limit greenhouse gas emissions, but it seems unlikely.

Many major utility companies including various power and gas companies nationwide, are already using less coal in favor of low cost natural gas and cheaper renewables; and they did so of their own free will.

Environmental and climate groups of the far left and globalist powers have long supported the Clean Power Plan, which was a secretive way to force a global governance over the industries of the world.

They say cheap alternatives to coal hurt the industry, a conclusion also reached by a recent report from the Department of Energy, which power companies admit is partially true.

However the vicious regulations removed independent thought from companies forcing them to be controlled by international treaties and expectations, reducing America's superpower status to match other nations which lag far behind.

This is a massive victory for America, American Industry, and the American worker.


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