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60-Year-Old Man in Texas Burns Down Home, Sohe Can Die with Terminally Ill Lover

A story of love and fate coming from Seguin, Texas where it's believed that a murder-suicide occurred but not in the typical fashion you'd expect.

Sometimes the ties that bind us in life and the love that holds it all together is so powerful that a person simply cannot live without the person they cherish most.

Law enforcement Seguin Police Department say that they received a call about a fire raging near Love's Travel Stop in the 4600 block Interstate 10 West Frontage Road and FM 477, at a trailer-home.

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Firefighters battled the blaze but were unable to extinguish it in time to save two bodies that were inside of the trailer.

Police were examining the perimeter around the home and found what appeared to be a suicide note attached to a fence outside the residence.

Upon further investigation it was found that both a sixty year old male and his lifelong lover lived inside of the residence; and that his lover was terminally ill on the verge of death.

It appears that the man did not want to live without the person he loved most in the world, and instead decided to burn down the residence with both of them inside so they could be together in eternity.

"Based on the note, some of the contents that's in the note, we think that her terminal illness, we believe she may have had a terminal illness," Deputy Chief Bruce Ure said. "We believe that's gonna play a huge role in his motive of, we believe that he ended up taking her life."

Seguin Fire Department, Seguin Police Department, Seguin Fire Marshal’s Office, Marion VFD, and the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office all participated in the crime scene analysis and have determined that the murder-suicide seems to be the cause of the fire and the two deaths.

In some sense, it could have been a crime; but in another sense you have to feel some sort of poetic compassion for a bond of love that strong to push someone to these limits.

Indeed it's not an everyday story, to say the least, and it appears that both were willing to leave this existence in this fashion.


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