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Florida Democrat Introduces Bill making Bump Stocks a Third Degree Felony, Retroactively

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A Florida Democrat, Senator Linda Stewart of Orlando, has proposed a new bill that would in effect place a statewide ban on the now target “bump stock” accessory for semi-automatic rifles in Florida.

The new proposal is clearly a violation of the Constitution, with there currently being no such regulations in the United States of America preventing gun owners from purchasing the add-on.

If such a measure were passed it would then become a Third Degree Felony in the state of Florida to “transfer, distribute, transport, sell, keep for sale, offer or expose for sale, or give a bump fire stock to another person.”

The National Rifle Association recently stated they'd be open to such a debate on the limitations of bump stocks, a move that has upset of not infuriated many of their base.

The new bill will not only cover future purchases, but make anyone currently owning the accessories a Felon if they did not comply with turning them over to law enforcement agencies or they also have the option to “destroy and render inoperable the device.”

Anyone who doesn't comply would be in violation of the Third Degree Felony.

This is what Gun Rights advocates have warned over; that if you give into this Communist proposal even an inch the marxists behind the legislation would take a mile; and that's what would happen by turning legal bump stock owners into felonious criminals.

Any such legislation must be opposed by the American people who wish to not only protect their families and liberty, but to pursue the Founding Father's belief that citizens have the right to defend against a tyrannical governance.


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