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Las Vegas Latest: Note contents revealed - 2013 Paddock Lawsuit - Goldwater Discusses Theories - Ald

In essence, we here at the Goldwater are by now convinced that we will only see a full picture of what went on in Las Vegas on that sad night when we have put all audio and video together. Until that moment comes, we’ll give you a rundown of the latest news and videos.

- Paddock’s Note contents revealed

60 minutes did a Las Vegas Special over the weekend. Law enforcement revealed what they found on the note in his room: Calculations for distance and the elevation of his room.

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- Paddock’s 2013 ‘Cosmopolitan’ Lawsuit Reveals A Nocturnal Animal

Four years before he unleashed bullets from the sky which killed 59 people in the worst mass shooting in American history, Mr Stephen Paddock personae was described in detail in his 2013 lawsuit against the Cosmopolitan hotel, where he sued for negligence because of a fall .

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Mr Paddock was deposed on 29 October of that year.

In the testimony, it is revealed that Mr Paddock had continuous access to his doctor, Mr Winkler, who regularly descripted him diazepam to help with his ‘anxiousness’.

Paddock: "He's like on retainer, I call it, I guess. It means I pay a fee yearly … I have good access to him."

- The Goldwater Discusses conspiracy theories

During our simulcast, we also discussed the various theories out there. Via 8chan we have received a huge volume of video and we discussed issues like light and sound travel whilst looking at video theories about everything that is out there.

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- Jason Aldean returns to Las Vegas

Country Star Jason Aldean, who was on stage when Mr Paddock unleashed hell on the innocent onlookers of the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival, returned to Las Vegas yesterday to visit some of the victims of the mass shooting.

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada thanked Aldean on Facebook saying his visit: "helped heal hearts and cheer those who were wounded."

Meanwhile a new witness video by Lily Lustig from the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival showed up, showing the last moments of Mr Aldean’s concert.

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Anonymous No. 9419 2017-10-10 : 10:41

IF he was the one using a "Full Auto" or "Bump Stock" how can we buy into the explanation of the note being about bullet trajectories? When you are laying down rapid fire, you ain't aiming, you are pointing and spraying.

Besides wouldn't any person who planned such a shooting, in such great detail as we have been told, have already figured out ballistic drop at 300+ yards for a 223, or 308 before

even setting up. Also if it were as the claimed, wouldn't the shooter have the chart next to the weapon and firing position?

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