By: Steve Dellar | 10-09-2017 | News
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China Denies US Cyber Attack Allegations, Blames Billionaire

The government of China has denied any responsibility for cyber attacking the US, but instead is blaming billionaire tycoon Guo Wengui.

The Chinese ministry of Public Security responded to a request from the US State Department saying it has found “no evidence” of any involvement but accused the Chinese billionaire of delivering fake documents to the US: “The falsified official documents and the false information he fabricated are sensational and outrageous.”

It is interesting that they would react in this manner of course, given the fact that Mr Wengui has brought various corruption allegations against a number of senior Communist Party officials whilst at the same time applying for political asylum in the US.

It was US Attorney General Jeff Sessions who brought up the alleged cyber attacks during his meeting with China’s Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun last Wednesday.

Mr Guo Wengui reacted to the latest news: “Just because the Ministry of Public Security said China didn’t do it doesn’t make it true. Why did the US raise it in their meeting?”

Mr Wengui has become quite a burden to the Chinese communist party, making daily claims of corruption charges via Twitter and YouTube posts since the start of the year.

The timing also couldn’t be worse, with the five-yearly Communist Party congress starting next week. If these matters would somehow leak into the Chinese press then President Xi Jinping has no choice but to deal swiftly with the alleged corrupt officials.

Mr Wengui claims he is aware of various initiatives by a small group of Communists Party Members in China to increase the number of spies in the U.S. and "to weaken the United States, to bring about turmoil in the United States and to … decimate the United States. These plans pose great threats to the American people and their property."

Meanwhile Chinese prosecutors have launched various accusations against Mr Wengui "for at least 19 major criminal cases."

We are quite sure there will be an interesting follow-up to this at a certain point. As always, we here at the Goldwater will keep you informed.


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