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Photo credit: Civil Police

Nursery Worker Pours Gasoline On Children And Himself Before Burning Them Alive

A heinous act was committed by a security guard at a municipal nursery in Brazil when he poured gasoline on himself and the children he was responsible for protecting and lit it on fire. 40 people have been injured and 25 of them suffered burns and another 4 did not survive.

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The most severely burned children have been taken to burn specialists in Belo Horizonte, the state capital. Damiao Soares dos Santos, 50, is the security guard responsible for the terrible act of violence. The call went out to emergency services around 9:40 a.m. local time on Thursday and called for all available vehicles of the Military Fire Brigade in Janauba.

Footage of the nursery shows distraught mothers and fathers standing helplessly outside the nursery as they wait for fire crews to put out the fire. Helton Ricardo Mendes, the care director of the unit at Regional Hospital of Janauba says, "The children are being transferred to the pediatric area, and the adults are being treated here."

The names of the deceased children are Prado Cruz dos Santos, Luiz Davi Carlos Rodrigues Nascimento, Juan Miguel Soares Silva, Ana Clara Ferreira Silva, all born in 2013. There is still no word for the motivation of the crime.

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