By: Kyle James | 10-09-2017 | News
Photo credit: The Sun

Footage Released Showing Rosewell Alien on Stretcher inside Area 51 Hangar

An old, grainy black and white film have been released that is reported to show the 'Rosewell Alien' being carried on a stretcher. If the film has been faked it is a highly elaborate work with a substantial budget as everything is seen in the video is true to the time period from military uniforms to insignia's, helmets and vehicles. What's more, the alien seen on the stretcher matches one of the most commonly attributed photographs to the Rosewell crash which shows on odd shaped being with a damaged leg.

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Here you can see an image that been circulated for quite some time which claims to depict an alien body found in the Rosewell crash site.

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When people try to dismiss photos and videos like these as hoaxes they are right to be skeptical as there have certainly been people looking to profit from fame or fortune who have created fake footage. Those who have claimed to study the evidence and dismiss it are conveniently ignoring places like Mt. Adams in Washington where bright lights under seemingly intelligent control are captured time and time again by anyone who visits the mountain. The lights move as if they are capable of moving in any direction at any time with no aerodynamic restrictions and highly educated people from organizations like NASA have failed to explain the sightings.

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Proponents of the phenomena believe when they visit our plane or dimension they mostly appear as lightships or light beings, skeptics ask for hard evidence but if they are visiting from another form of existence like what people like to call the astral plane or a higher vibration and they only appear as lights that are easily dismissed on grainy video. If these 'ships' are flying around places like Mt. Adams with regularity surely there have been attempts to take them down or things have gone wrong causing one to fall from the skies. Perhaps it really is a crashed alien ship that this latest footage shows?


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