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Two Florida Mothers Overdose on Heroin with 1 and 2 Month Old Children in the Backseat

The heroin epidemic is gripping the entire United States of America and it literally has families in a stranglehold.

Florida is now finding that the opioid crisis and the dangerous heroin is no stranger to it's own backyard as well, and the Boynton Beach Police Department said they realized that the hard way this week.

According to the Boynton Beach Police Department, they received a call about a woman having seizures and going unconscious after a possible drug overdose.

When Boynton Beach Fire and Rescue arrived to the scene at 1300 block of South Federal Highway alongside the Boynton Beach Police Department they found 27 year old Kristen Leigh O'Connor, of Coral Springs, Florida 28 year old June Anne Schweinhart of suburban Lake Worth, Florida inside of an SUV in the parking garage.

O’Connor had apparently overdosed on heroin, according to Schweinhart. She later admitted to police that the pair met in a drug treatment facility they both attended for their heroin addictions.

Schweinhart says that O'Connor introduced her to one of her drug dealers, and the pair went and purchased heroin together then snorted it; which led to the overdose.

The disturbing part however, is that each of the <i>”mothers”</i> had children in the backseat the entire time, newborns, aged one and two months respectively.

After each of the addicts received treatment at a nearby hospital they were then placed under arrest for child neglect.

In some sense they're fortunate because many states charge addicts with felonies for overdosing and especially in front of children.

The two beautiful babies who did absolutely nothing wrong except have the misfortune of being born to women with death wishes are now in the custody of Florida Department of Children who will find loving parents to raise them.

The heroin crisis is real folks, it's tearing lives apart and it leads the nation in deaths amongst youth; with last year killing more people in the United States than deaths by gunfire.

Another problem is that an estimated 88% of heroin junkies go back to using even after jail or treatment; regardless of how long they're incarcerated.

We have to do something about this major influx of heroin coming into America.

Maybe we should build a wall? I remember hearing something about a wall? Let's do that. Thanks.


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