By: Steve Dellar | 10-07-2017 | News
Photo credit: PoliceActivity | Youtube

Video: Charlotte Police Shoot Man with Raised Arms

The North Caroline Police department of Charlotte-Mecklenburg released body camera footage from an incident last month. On the video you can see how officers yell at Mr Ruben Galindo, 29 years old, to drop his gun. Mr Galindo indeed drops the gun and raises his arms in the air. Afterwards he is shot by one of the police officers, Mr David Guerra.

Police released a total of five videos, of which two show the shooting of Mr Galindo.

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney informed press at the time of the incident, stating that Mr Galindo had called police and informed them he had a gun. He then refused commands to drop the pistol, Police Chief Putney claimed. The officers perceived a threat and fired.

A few days after the shooting, lawyer George Laughrun representing the police officer who shot Mr Galindo declared that Mr Galindo ‘pointed the gun directly’ at his client, police officer David Guerra, before getting shot by police whilst standing outside his apartment building.

As you can see from the released footage, Mr Galindo raised his arms and kept them so for the three seconds that preceded him getting fatally shot.

From police officer Guerra’s body cam it is clear he orders the suspect to raise his hands, yelling "Rueben! Policia! manos, manos, manos, manos.” Mr Guerra then switches to English whilst becoming more and more agitated.

Mr Guerra then yells "Put it down! Drop the gun! Drop the gun! Do it now! Drop the gun!"

At his point, Mr Galindo had already dropped the gun. Mr Guerra then shoots him.

Mr Galindo's wife, Ms Azucena Zamoraro had declared that her husband had called 911 and asked for authorities to come get his gun because he wanted to surrender.

This incident comes just one year after another Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, 43 years old, which set off two days of violent protests.


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