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Italy Set To Emulate Trump's Tough Stance On Illegal Immigrants, Refugees

President-elect Donald Trump's strong anti -Illegal Immigration tough stance is resonating and reverberating not only with the American public long anxious and weary about security matters but also across Europe, especially in Italy. Italy is poised to follow the lead of Trump in taking a hard line approach against illegal refugees and immigrants by strengthening security measures specifically along its borders.

Italy is making it its political resolution for 2017 to be tougher on illegal migration following last year's record-breaking number of migrants who entered the country estimated at an overwhelming figure of 500,000. The move marks the first major policy change being pushed by Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, a clear departure from the approach and mindset of his predecessor Matteo Renzi, who was known for a more relaxed, lenient policy towards refugees and migrants.

In a markedly determined step to become more aggressive in its crackdown on illegal migrants, the chief of police Franco Gabrielli sent a two-page document to stations around the country, instructing them to identify and consequently deport economic migrants who are not entitled to asylum.

The entire Europe is expected to benefit from the tougher stance of Italy as the country is regarded as the " frontline" of the refugee grave problem. In fact, towards the last quarter of 2016, European Union's border agency said that refugees and migrants arriving by sea to Italy has become the main problem of the bloc. Italy has likewise become the number one member state in terms of irregular migration to its territory, according to the European Border and Coast Guard.

Italy has even overtaken Greece as the main point of entry for refugees and migrants trying to reach Europe, according to figures from the U.N. refugee agency. Greece was able to manage illegal arrivals by striking a deal with Turkey to prevent departures from its shores. An estimated 90% of arrivals in Italy began their voyage aboard smugglers' boats in Libya.

Various parts of Europe were rocked by terrorist attacks last year perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists that often times were also linked to migrants. Trump has vowed not only to tighten security and strengthen the America's borders against illegal migrants but to crush terrorist group ISIS as well.

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