By: Steve Dellar | 10-07-2017 | News
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Have Muslims Conquered Europe?

Poland held a National Prayer Day today. In a nation that prides itself on its Catholic heritage and one that has delivered the 20th century’s most respected pope, John Paul II, one could assume that is nothing new. But the fact that it was done on designated points around the border for the salvation of Poland and the world could be misunderstood, critics claim. The day was not chosen by coincidence. Today marks the anniversary of a Christian victory over the Ottoman Turks at battle of Lepanto in 1571.

Ms Halina Kotarska, 65 years old, expressed the feeling of many when she explained she prayed to God for the survival of Christianity in Europe: "Islam wants to destroy Europe. They want to turn us away from Christianity."

Though these words will not be shared by anyone in the European halls of power in Brussels, this feeling is great in the Eastern European, former communist countries that have escaped the clutches of atheist Russian communism only to re-embrace Catholicism and Orthodox beliefs. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, The Former Yugoslav republics, Poland, The Czech Republic and Slovakia all have a very clear message for Muslim immigrants coming to Europe. Please move on they say. Not in our midst.

Though it is so that Western Europe and Scandinavia, the richest nations, are embracing atheism, they are at the same time because of this behaviour (having less children and a more individualistic society) being overrun by Islam in a way. Not just yet, but in 15 years from now, schools in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, will be 50% filled with children that no longer believe in Jesus, but rather pray to Allah. If atheist Europeans have 1 child on average per couple and the 15% Muslim population has 3, then this is what will happen. This is not racism, this is mathematical fact.

Whether this is good or bad is not up to me to judge, but that it will mean a change is sure.

Eastern Europe will not let it come that far. They have shut their door to immigration from the Muslim world. Romania and Bulgaria, for long the gates blocking any right of passage to Islam whilst at the same time the staunchest defenders of their Orthodox faith may be poor and highly religious (the number of God fearing people in Romania stands at 90%), anyone who can point to a terrorist attack in Eastern Europe any time soon can tell their governments they don’t have a point.

Meanwhile in Western Europe…. Back in 2015 French Author Michel Houellebecq wrote a much discussed novel called Submission in which he foresaw a future where the left-wing socialist parties of Europe, just to cling onto power, would nominate a Muslim presidential candidate for France in 2022, winning a run-off against Marine Le Pen of the National Front. This future President would bring with him a different set of values in the Elysée palace.

It sounded ridiculous in 2015. We’re nearing 2018 now. The left is in shambles in most of Western Europe, and the 10-15% Muslim population makes for an appealing voter base. Matter of time perhaps?


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Anonymous No. 9310 2017-10-07 : 19:51

Short answer? Yes.

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