By: Lawrence Synder | 01-04-2017 | News
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Liberal NBC Takes Advantage of Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Exit

Shortly after Megyn Kelly opted out of her contract with Fox News, NBC immediately swooped in with a multi-year deal hosting at least three programs. But, given her conservative background, it is not yet clear how Kelly will fare working in a liberal network.

Kelly has been with Fox News since 2004 and is regarded as one of the networks’ top journalist. She gained the attention of the public in 2015 when she grilled Donald Trump about his inappropriate behavior towards women during the first primary debate for the GOP.

Since then, she and Trump had a rocky relationship which drew the ire of her conservative audience.

Earlier this week, Kelly announced that she will be joining NBC. As part of her new contract with the network, she will host a daytime news and talk show and will be part of the networks special coverages on political events and other major happenings. Aside from these, she was also given an anchoring spot for a news program that will air every Sunday night.

Kelly’s decision to sign with NBC took some of her fans by surprise, but for others, her move to join a liberal network shows her true colors. For many of her former fans, her criticisms on Trump and other top Republicans clearly indicate that she is against the GOP.

The main problem for Kelly, though, is reaching out to the liberal fan base of NBC. Sure, she may have gained some of their support when she publicly bashed Trump, but her years working for Fox News and her reconciled ties with the president-elect could still make her an outsider among liberals. For instance, while speaking at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment event last month, she was booed by one of the attendees, Kathy Griffin, after she spoke positively about Trump.

Even if Kelly decides to become a liberal by serving as the lead anchor of a network that has been known to produce biased news that favor Democrats, this will still take a huge toll on her credibility as a journalist.

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