By: Kyle James | 10-07-2017 | News
Photo credit: CMPD

Body Cam Footage Released Of Fatal South Carolina Officer Involved Shooting

A judge in North Carolina made the controversial decision Friday to order the release of officer body cam footage showing the shooting of 29-year-old Rueben Galindo. Galindo made a call to 911 informing them he had a firearm and when Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers arrived he gave out of his apartment with the gun in his hand. Officers responding to the call repeatedly ordered Galindo to drop the gun but as he stated in his 911 call he needs a translator.

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Officers ultimately felt Galindo was an imminent threat and two officers fired one round each into the man after he refused commands to drop the gun. His arms were technically raised at the time the shots were fired but he still grasped a handgun. Lawyers for the officers who fired the shots argued the footage should not be made public yet since it could prejudice the selection of jurors should the case go to trial. CMPD said that Galindo's demeanor and vague responses made it difficult for the Spanish speaking interpreter to determine why exactly he was calling 911. As officers originally headed to the scene, a dispatcher can be heard saying, "Any Spanish-speaking officer that could assist North Tryon on an armed person call?"

Court records show Galindo was scheduled to appear in Mecklenburg County court next Monday where he would face a previous misdemeanor assault charge stemming from pointing a gun. Polie Chief Kerr Putney says he did not have an objection to releasing the video, "We had no objections what so ever because all of our interviews have been done, so I think it is a good thing and it is an example of the transparency this community deserves." The District Attorney will now review the files and determine if the shooting was justified which is expected to take around three months.

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