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Security Guard Who Was First To Confront Mandalay Bay Shooter Is Back Home And Recovering

When 25-year-old Jesus Campos went to work last Sunday night he didn't know that one of the worst mass shooters in the history of the United States would be waiting there. When shots first rang out from the shooters hotel room on the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay, Campos was the first to respond to room number 132. Little did he know the amount of planning and effort that 64-year-old Stephen Paddock put into planning the deadly shooting.

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Paddock wired surveillance cameras in the hallway of his room to alert him to the authorities presence and when Campos arrived at the shooter's room he was greeted with a hail of gunfire through the closed hotel room doors. Besides the nearly 1,000 rounds the shooter expended out of his hotel room window, he also fired 200 rounds through the door of his room when security arrived. Without any warning, bullets began flying towards Campos through the locked door and he was struck in the leg. Campos quick response likely saved dozens of lives as he drew the attention of the shooters firepower almost immediately after the shooting started. Sheriff Joe Lombardo praised Campos for his heroism, "His bravery was amazing … because he remained with our officers providing the key pass to access to the door and actually clear rooms. His officers demanded he seeks medical attention."

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak also praised Campos for his bravery, "If for not that a few more minutes would have passed and might have lost hundreds or not thousands of lives. The fear is if we not breached that room, a lot more lives would have, a lot more people would have died." According to Campos loved ones, he does not consider himself a hero and instead stresses he was just doing his job. Campos is back home recovering after several days in the hospital treating the gunshot wound in his leg.

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