By: Savannah Smith | 10-06-2017 | News
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Parents Angry With Wyoming School Quiz “Shooting at Trump” As Choice

Could the teacher be advocating for violence, and specifically suggesting or even teaching to children that it’s okay to literally attack the President of the U.S.? Parents in a Wyoming school district are upset and enraged that an answer on a multiple test for school children included this shocking and appalling option: ”Shooting at Trump.”

The quiz prepared by a Jackson Hole High School English teacher had as the first question- what the occasion was in which “Napoleon has the gun fired.” Surprisingly, one of the choices given, top of the multiple choices, was “A.He was shooting at Trump.”

The test is actually about George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm.” The complete question was, “Napoleon has the gun fired for a new occasion. What is the new occasion?” The choices given for the answer are: A.”He was shooting at Trump” 2.”his birthday” 3. “for completion of the windmill 4.”to scare off the attackers of Animal Farm.”

Teton County School District No. 1 confirmed the answer was on a quiz given online by their secure learning management system. The quiz has since been taken down.

Predictably, the quiz, and that specific answer option did not sit well with the parents of the school children, an obvious political dig at President Trump, and one that signifies all the wrong lessons including violence.

A parent, Jim McCollum, was shocked when his son Rylee, a junior, showed him a screenshot of the test when he came home. The father said: “I had to read it two times. I was like ‘Are you kidding me?’”

McCollum, a conservative who admitted voting for Trump also said that while sometimes he does not also agree with what the President says, the question and the Trump option was simply uncalled for and completely out of line.

The offended parent said: “It’s about respect for the office more than anything. That’s enough of this. No way.” He added: “It was so inappropriate to show a name of the sitting president in that question. To me, that is so wrong in light of the situation in our country and the divisiveness and all.”

Making matters worse is the quiz inappropriateness does not seem to be an isolated case as McCollum says that “liberal bias” pervades other classes at the high school, too, making conservatives like his son feel like an “outcast”, and impacting negatively on their ability to learn.

The teacher has been identified as Carin Aufderheide, someone his son even loves, making what happened all the more sad. The timing could not have been more insensitive and inappropriate also as to hint about violence through shooting in light of the tragic Las Vegas mass shooting.

The district has come out with a statement on the matter that said they have learned about the incident. It pointed: “Administration is investigating this incident and verifying the information we have received.”

It also added: “TCSD #1 takes seriously threats of any kind, regardless of the intent. We apologize to the students, families and community for this incident and will be addressing the issue with personnel.”

McCollum shared the question on Facebook and many other parents became incensed as well with it, giving their own angry comments.


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