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Photo credit: Middletown Police

Heroin Epidemic in Ohio: 3 Found Overdosed in Single House in Middletown

Middletown, Ohio was once a city of pride and culture, that embraced an open doors policy and diversity as a steel town in what's now known as the Rust Belt.

While the city of Middletown has nearly lost its industry under the years of Clinton, Bush, and Obama; it had began to resemble Detroit with boarded up windows and abandoned factories across the board.

City officials and local residents however say that Middletown traded out the progress to pick up something new, a Heroin Epidemic that's pushing Ohio to lead the nation in Overdoses.

Such is the case this week when Middletown Police responded to a call at a home where the dispatch was told of a potential overdose in the 100 block of Red Bud Drive.

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Police however say that once they arrived they found the door to a car open wide with the hazard lights on with a 29 year old woman, Marie Mullins inside the front seat unconscious from her Heroin Overdose.

Middletown Police are so used to seeing these cases in their city they immediately called for EMTs to the scene, and then began to approach the residence.

Inside of the two home were two more unresponsive Heroin Overdose cases, Marie's 53 year old mother Marla and her 27 year old brother David Jr.

Officers were able to bring David back to reality, and he confessed to officers that he had a box of syringes stashed inside of his closet.

All three however denied overdosing on Heroin, instead claiming that they “took their medicine”, likely for fear of prosecution.

Middletown police Lt. Jimmy Cunningham said officers have been to the residence 42 times since February and it is a “problem house,” where drug users gather.

“The neighbors are fed up,” Cunningham said, adding the city is working to resolve the situation through its chronic nuisance ordinance.

These are the ongoing sagas that law enforcement in Ohio have to deal with on a day to day base with nearly no end in sight.


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Andrew No. 9269 2017-10-06 : 19:28

As I live on the border of Middletown, I can confirm that a lot of people in the city do drugs. But not everyone is a drugee, just depends on the area you're at.

Yo No. 9274 2017-10-06 : 21:12

This is tragic! I know how depressing it can be to live in a situation where industry dries up and hope is hard to find. Hopefully another kind of industry fills the area and let hope back in.

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