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Mistress Cuts Off Man’s Penis After Discovering He’ll Marry Another

The saying goes ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’, meaning that if you reject her, a woman will make you suffer like no other has ever made you suffer before.

In the case of a 26 year old Indian man known as Irshad, who found out one morning that his parents had arranged a bride for him, this unfortunately came true.

Upon hearing the news, young Irshad, from the village of Kattipuram in southwest India, went to pay a visit to his 30 year old mistress for ‘one last time’ of the good old hanky-panky.

During intercourse he informed her that this would indeed be the last time as his parents had chosen a bride for him and he would be wed soon.

His mistress did not find this very amusing news and ‘chopped off’ his penis and genitals with a knife.

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Guests in the other room could hear him scream in agony and he was quickly brought to MIMS Hospital in Kozhikode. Local doctors stated that the scrotum was "90 per cent" severed.

The man received an eight-hour surgery to reattach his penis and is currently recovering at home.

Dr Krishnakumar said: "To re-implant an amputated penis, all the complex structures in the penis have to be repaired. In this case we successfully repaired the arteries which bring the blood to the organ, the veins which carry the blood away, the nerves which give sensibility to the organ, the urethra, the corpora which provides erection and the muscles. The patient can be back to normal life in four weeks."

Local press were informed that his parents were worried for his health but still count on him going ahead with the upcoming planned nuptials. We can only hope that young Irshad will be able to perform during the wedding night which lies ahead.

You may not want to keep knives anywhere near the bed this time though.


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