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Thug Flees Police with 2-Year-Old in Car, Crashes,Throwing Son Out, Runs Past Child's Body to Escape

Some savages shouldn't be allowed to have children, but they do anyways cause a miserable life for the child.

That's what authorities say happened in Pennsylvania after a Mercer County mongrel decided he would shoplift from a Walmart with his young child alongside him.

27-year-old Christopher D. Kuhn of Hamilton, Pennsylvania walked into a Walmart in Levittown and attempted to exit the building with a $270 Vizio Sound Bar without paying.

The store security attempted to force Kuhn to stop, but he ignored and sped out of the entryway jerking his 2-year-old son out of the shopping cart and running towards his vehicle.

Kuhn then threw his son inside of a gold 2007 Jeep and put a sweatshirt over top of his license plate and sped away from the scene (these creatures are apparently too stupid to cover the plates beforehand not realizing the entire world is being filmed in 2017).

After driving at a high rate of speed down the road Kuhn drove through a red light at the intersection of Route 13 and Levittown Parkway, where his Jeep was then struck by another SUV.

The SUV began to roll and then hit a third car before coming to a stop.

Tragically, his two-year-old son was thrown out of the vehicle in the three-car collision and lay gasping for life on the pavement.

The Buck County District Attorney says that's when the emotionless monster jumped out of the Jeep, briefly glancing down at his dying offspring and they took off running.

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According to Police, they had just arrived at the Walmart to the report of the shoplifting when all of this happened and weren't even chasing Kuhn. He simply didn't place his child inside of a car seat when he fled.

Emergency Medical Responders arrived at the scene of the crash and treated the other drivers as well as brought the two-year-old to Lower Bucks Hospital, where he was then pronounced dead upon arrival.

Authorities later captured Kuhn, who was charged with Third Degree Murder, Death by Vehicular Homicide, Driving with a Suspended License, Retail Theft, Child Endangerment, Obstructing his License Plate, and Accidents Involving Death or Injury while not Properly Licensed.

This foul beast actually murdered his own son, and then left him lying on the side of the road after the crash; over $270.

According to Buck County District Court Kuhn is now being detained on a $5 Million bond and is scheduled to appear in court again on October 10th.


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Roxanne Wilde No. 9292 2017-10-07 : 05:31

Irony: this child could've been spared the agony of neglect, abandonment & death… If only his father had've used contraception.

Genuine question - is there a single impoverished American alive whom you wouldn't rather see dead? Or do they serve some use as future potential conscripts - nameless cannon fodder, cursed to fight in a war most don't understand/ agree with, & potentially dying in a country most had never heard of before?

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