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Trump Responds To Kim Jong-un’s ICBM Threat: ‘It Won’t Happen!’

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader pledged to advance his military efforts by testing an intercontinental ballistic missile in the course of this year. However, this might not be the case once the president-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated into office. Donald Trump slapped Jong-un’s ambitions with a tweet saying: ‘’It won’t happen!’’

North Korea made a statement claiming that it had reached final stages of developing a ballistic missile capable of reaching parts of the U.S., Trump made it clear in his tweet saying that will not happen.

In an ensuing post, Trump also criticized China, which is North Korea’s closest ally for not restraining the unstable nation. Trump reiterated that it’s unfortunate that China makes loads of money from a one-sided trade with the U.S. but it hesitates to help with North Korea.

A Colorado Republican by the name Sen. Cory Gardner who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific urged Trump to consider imposing secondary sanctions on companies that aid Pyongyang to engage in the unacceptable behavior.

The North Korean leader made a televised new year speech in which he stated that preparations were underway for test-firing an ICBM. The North Korean regime has made noteworthy progress in testing ballistic missile-applicable technology. In December 2012, the regime placed satellites into orbit, this usually advances long-range missile knowhow through the testing that is conducted by launching satellites.

In a statement made by U.S. experts, the satellite accomplishments resulted to the successful demonstration of North Korea’s ICBM capabilities. The Pentagon has warned that the regime has been seeking a capability of accessing the U.S. mainland within reach of a nuclear-tipped ICBM.

Three of the five nuclear tests that Pyongyang has carried out were after Kim Jong-un succeeded his late father. The most recent test was conducted last September. Kim stated that the regime had achieved the status of a nuclear power, adding that it was a military giant in the East and no enemy would dare provoke it.

Kim also made it clear that the regime would continue building up its self-defense capability, the pivot of which is nuclear forces, and the capability for preemptive strike. Adding that the efforts will continue as long as the U.S. and its vassal forces keep on nuclear threat and blackmail and as long as they don’t stop their war games that they stage at North Korea’s doorstep.

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