By: Steve Dellar | 10-06-2017 | News
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Storm Nate Kills 22 - Heads to New Orleans

It is October folks and we are at the letter ‘N’ when it comes to tropical storms and hurricanes. After Harvey, Irma and Maria we seem to have another one on our hands.

Tropical Storm Nate has killed 22 people in Central America overnight and is forecasted to turn into a hurricane over the gulf of Mexico before making landfall in the US.

11 people died in Nicaragua on and 7 were reportedly missing. In Costa Rica 8 people are reported dead and 17 missing. Honduras counted the dead and the person died in El Salvador.

In Nicaragua, Mayor Murillo said about the unfortunate deaths: “Sometimes we think we think we can cross a river and the hardest thing to understand is that we must wait. It’s better to be late than not to get there at all.”

The government of Costa Rica declared an emergency, closed schools and advised people to stay indoors till the storm had passed.

Highways in the country are closed because of mudslides and some regions have lost electricity. The government has called 3,500 extra police and firemen to help.

According to the latest predictions of the National Hurricane Center, Nate will now strengthen in the warm Mexican gulf into a hurricane and then head straight for New Orleans, where it is expected to make landfall on Sunday at around 8am.

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Over in ‘The Big Easy’, Mayor Mitch Landrieu is taking no risk whatsoever and declared a state of emergency yesterday evening already.

Mayor Landrieu: "To the citizens of New Orleans, there is no reason to panic, but there is the reason to prepare."

Offshore oil and gas operators have started evacuating personnel from many of the 737 manned oil and natural gas production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Meteorologist Brandon Miller on the possible development of Nate: "How much Nate is able to strengthen once it hits those warm waters depends on a lot on how intact the center of the storm can maintain as it traverses the land. If it gets ragged, it will take some time to reform over the ocean, and that will mean less time to gain in intensity. But if it manages to stay together while over Central America, it will be able to take advantage of those warm waters and quickly strengthen, maybe even undergo 'rapid intensification.”


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