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New Video Emerges Of Dramatic Escape From Las Vegas Strip During Shooting

Raymond Page donned a neon vest while he performed his duties directing traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard late Sunday night when the first gunshots rang out. Page thought that he might be able to capture video of the shooter that could later be used as evidence and pulled out his phone to record. He recorded ten minutes of harrowing footage of concert goers and police directing them to safety. In that ten minute span, Page captured 10 bursts of gunfire on camera.

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People attending the country music concert are seen scattering from the side entrance of Route 91 Harvest festival outside of Gate 2B. They are just across the street from Mandalay Bay where 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire with military grade assault weapons modified with "bump stocks" to simulate automatic fire. Pages dramatic footage captures what seemed like an ordinary night on the Las Vegas strip but turned into a war zone.

The footage shows victim's jumping over fences to safety in between busts of gunfire and heroic EMT's working on gunshot victims. A Metropolitan Police Department officer pleaded to the concertgoers to keep moving, "Guys, keep going, please, please" he can be heard saying in the video. Page himself shouts to direct people to safety, "Run! Get down!" Another officer can be heard saying, "Those are shots! Run, don’t walk!"

Page stood firm amidst the gunfire and continued to direct people to safety, "Go, go, everybody go!" Page shouted. "Keep your head down." Later in an interview, Page told of how scenes from the shooting keep replaying in his mind. "That’s the one thing," Page said. "Everyone was just helpless and vulnerable."

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