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Eric Braverman Clinton Foundation Former CEO In FBI Protective Custody

The disappearance of former CEO of the Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman has puzzled many people, this led to many speculations with some saying that he fled the country fearing for his life and thus he sought an asylum in Russia. However, that speculation among others have been discredited after a new source in the intelligence community suggested that it was misinformation that was spread intentionally via social media by several sources. The source added that Braverman is being held in protective custody by the FBI in exchange for his testimony against Hillary Clinton. This totally adds up since an investigation at this level requires that the FBI to implement unique safeguards to protect their witness.

The Clinton Foundation is the most serious Clinton scandal, thanks to Braverman who exposed the scandal. WikiLeaks emails revealed that the Foundation had been faced with an internal power struggle between Doug Band and Chelsea Clinton, the strife started in 2011 after Chelsea started taking a more prominent role at the Clinton Foundation.

Chelsea became overly concerned about an internal audit that exposed the conflicts of interest in the Foundation, with special emphasis on Doug Band and his company, Teneo, who she believed had inappropriately sought favors from the State Department while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Chelsea's rise at the Foundation and how it threatened some long-time Clinton allies had been summarized in an article by Politico from March 2015, the allies had grown quite accustomed to the status quo.

Following many years of service to the Clintons, veteran Clinton aides had powerful and lucrative positions. The CEO Bruce Lindsey and President Doug Band felt marginalized by Chelsea Clinton, at some point, Band branded Chelsea as an uncaring spoiled brat.

Among the many colleagues who found their roles diminished during Braverman's tenure was Ira Magaziner who is another old-time Clinton colleague who showed up in the WikiLeaks emails.

Additional details behind Eric Braverman were revealed by WikiLeaks emails, Chelsea brought in Braverman to change the controversial practices of the Foundation but unfortunately, he resigned after a short time. It is believed that Braverman resigned after being pushed out by long-time Clinton loyalists who apparently are comfortable with the status quo that accompanies their roles in the Foundation.

The president of CAP, Neera Tanden, had an email exchange in which he warned John Podesta to keep tabs on Doug Band who she thought was the insider who told NBC to follow the money and find the real HRC scandal

In an email exchange, Neera Tanden the president of CAP, warned John Podesta to "keep tabs on Doug Band who she thought was the insider who told NBC to "follow the money and the find the real HRC scandal", in response John Podesta quickly replied saying that the former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman was the insider.

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drdebo No. 1036 2017-01-14 : 01:27

I think its a great article- makes sense. lucky he sought protective custody- he would be another Clinton crime family victim- and dead as a door nail.

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