By: Jasalle Jash | 01-03-2017 | News

Republican Lawmakers Pushing for Resolutions to Condemn Obama’s Anti-Israel Vote

Republican lawmakers are leading the way in introducing resolutions condemning the anti-Israel vote made by President Barack Obama’s administration last month. According to the lawmakers, the resolutions will serve as a reminder that the U.S. Senate still supports Israel despite what the present administration has done.

A couple of weeks ago, the U.S. made a surprising move by choosing not to veto the U.N. Security Council’s Resolution 2234, allowing the international body to label the Jewish settlements in Israel as illegal. The move came as a huge surprise since Israel has been known as the U.S.’ most stable ally in the Middle East.

Earlier this week, Republican Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas Representative Dennis Ross of Florida revealed that they are planning to roll out a series of resolutions to formally denounce the anti-Israel vote made by the Obama administration.

As noted by the two lawmakers, these resolutions will serve as the first steps of the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump in rebuilding the damaged relationship between Israel and the U.S.

“The incoming administration will have to work overtime to repair the damage President Obama has done,” Moran said according to The Washington Times. “The resolution I introduce next week when Congress reconvenes will express the sense of the Senate that we stand in support of Israel and disapprove of the U.N.’s actions.”

Ross then went on to say that Obama’s decision not to veto the resolution, which was carried out through the actions by Secretary of State John Kerry and U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, is a violation of the U.S.’ commitment to helping Israel.

Aside from Moran and Ross’ resolutions, other Republican lawmakers are pushing for ways to repeal Resolution 2334. Last week, Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz suggested cutting the U.S.’ funding for the U.N. until the resolution has been reversed.

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