By: Steve Dellar | 10-05-2017 | News
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Russian Security Report Claims Paddock Was A CIA Operative

According to the website which posts daily news updates, a Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report is being tossed around in the halls of Russia’s Kremlin which claims that Mr Stephen Paddock, the shooter of Las Vegas who claimed the lives of 59 innocent people, was a CIA operative.

Furthermore, the arms used during the massacre were like stolen from an Israeli weapons depot.

The SVR report states that the Las Vegas attack is to be understood as a long line of attacks wanting to undermine the US state.

This last one should be understood to be the “Pyramid Sacrifice” as it happened in the vicinity of a pyramid (The Luxor Hotel and Casino), and could be linked to the “Tower Sacrifice” of 11 September 2001 (9-11), the “King Sacrifice” of 1963 (Kennedy) and the “Child Sacrifice” of 19 April 1993 (76 Branch Davidians died near Waco Texas).

Russian intelligence claims that just as other CIA covert operatives, Mr Stephen Paddock was continuously paid through US government entities using rogue accounts such as the Internal Revenue Service and US Postal Service in order to maintain his “deep cover” status. These payments would allow him to purchase various properties in Texas (for a value of approximately $6 million) and maintain a wealthy lifestyle.

Weapons were reportedly stolen in Israel where their disappearance was only noticed after the holiday period ( ) and then flown from a CIA air base in the Negev desert to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada where it was originally due to arrive between 22 and 23 September. However, because of “maintenance issues” the flight didn’t arrive until a week later on 29 September.

Due to the late arrival of the weapons which were shipped to him, Mr Paddock was unable to carry out the “Pyramid Sacrifice” massacre during the Life Is Beautiful Festival headlined by Lorde and Chance the Rapper (evidence for which was his renting of multiple condos from the Ogden 21-story luxury building overlooking this venue), and therefore he did it one week later at the Mandalay Hotel.

Furthermore, medical records copied in the Russian file state that Mr Stephen Paddock had been issued a prescription for 50 10-milligram diazepam (valium) tablets that can in certain cases cause psychotic behavior. His last prescription dated 21 June by physician Dr. Steven Winkler from Henderson, Nevada.


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Anonymous No. 9220 2017-10-05 : 17:05

God bless the warriors of truth.

Anonymous No. 9222 2017-10-05 : 17:31

Sorry dude, but get better sources. That site does have SOME info, but bullshit like this makes me not want to read any more of it. Last time I checked, AR-15s don't come in .50 BMG with the exception of single-shot uppers.

The One No. 9271 2017-10-06 : 20:08

The plot thickens…

Anonymous No. 93808 2019-02-12 : 16:03

I think Snopes you're the said whether it was true or false

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