By: Steve Dellar | 10-05-2017 | News
Photo credit: Rosenberg Police

Video: Texas Police Need Your Help - Finding Teen Savage Playing ‘Knockout Game’

Texas Police in the city of Rosenberg need your help locating Mr Alejandro Maldonado, 18 years old, for beating someone unconscious from behind and leaving him helpless on the concrete pavement.

In the video you can see young Mr Maldonado and the victim walk out of Ruchi's Mexican Grill when for no reason the teen knocks the 30 year old victim from behind on the head. The force of the blow is so hard that the victim’s baseball hat is knocked off and he is left lying face down on the concrete.

The 30 year old victim has spent several nights in hospital and is still recovering from his injuries.

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Rosenberg Police Lt. Chad Pino:"You think it's a game, your friends might peer pressure you into doing something, and it's a serious offense, it's a felony, it's an aggravated assault. In this case, he sustained some serious injuries, and it's not a game. It's not going to be funny when you're in prison."

It would appear Mr Maldonado and his friends were part of a viral video trend which popped up a few years ago, back in 2013, known as the "Knockout Game," and investigators stressed that they don't want other teens getting any ideas.

The exact motive for last week’s attack is unknown, but police officers said they did already have contact with Mr Maldonado since. The teen had agreed to turn himself in, but in the end cut off communication with the Texas police instead.

For this reason, Texas law enforcement are hoping the release of the video will pressure Mr Maldonado to turn himself in.

In our view, you are some coward if you feel a celebration is due for attacking a helpless man from the back. To Mr Maldonado and his friends: if you really want to be act like a man, do some good for the world around you instead of this. Assholes.


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