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Photo credit: Western Canada Lottery Corporation

New Jersey Woman Tells Husband "We've Won $60,000!" Clerk Says Count The Zeros

Robin Walker and her husband Brett McCoy were enjoying an outing on a regular day in Alberta, Canada. Little did the couple know, their lives were about to change. After stopping at the McLeod Trading Post for some chicken feed, Walker thought to herself it couldn't hurt to scan the pile of lottery tickets in her glove compartment.

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Walker said "A whole bunch of numbers" appeared on the screen after she scanned one ticket in particular, so she scanned it again to confirm the win. When the numbers came up a second time, Walker says "I ran outside and told Brett we won $60,000. The store clerk came after me and said, ‘Robin – count the zeroes.'"

Upon recounting the number of zeros, Robin Walker discovered she had actually just won $60 million! The couple hit the largest jackpot in Alberta history. Walker and McCoy went to the Western Canada Lottery Corp. offices in St. Albert to redeem their prize on Wednesday. McCoy says, "I was pretty excited when I thought it was $60,000. That would have taken care of a big chunk of our mortgage."

The couple live in Peers, northeast of Edmonton and met each other while McCoy was working in an oilfield. The two got married and run a hobby farm where they raise their four children, ages 4 to 16. The family are now multimillionaires and plan to think carefully about what to do with the life changing sum.

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