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Kansas City Man Arrested after Stabbing 12-year-old Grandson with 10-inch Knife over a Doughnut

Law enforcement in Raytown, Missouri said today that they've arrested and charged a 67-year-old man in the stabbing case of his Grandson.

According to the 12-year-old child; his Grandfather and him were arguing over a doughnut which he ate when Jose Ortega became enraged with his Grandson, and began choking him before throwing him across the room by his neck.

The young boy says that's when his Grandfather went completely ballistic, grabbing a 10-inch knife and stabbing him.

Fortunately the only thing that came to mind for the child was to run; and he fled the home to a nearby neighbor's house.

That's when the boy began beating on the door of neighbor Dana Payne.

"All I could understand from him was him and his grandpa was joking around," said Dana Payne, a neighbor who helped the boy. "He was getting ready for school. Then his grandpa started calling him a liar, something about Google Maps and he just reached for a butcher knife and stabbed him."

Payne said said she brought the child into her home, grabbing medical supplies and attempting to nurture him while simultaneously calling law enforcement to report the crime.

She said it appeared as if he had been stabbed with a butcher knife <i>”all the way through his forearm”</i>.

The woman's young granddaughter, Courtney tried to console the child who kept crying and asking, “Why did my Grandfather try to kill me?”

"I looked down at the child and I saw his arm and I was like, 'Get in here, c'mon get in the house. C'mon get in the house,' because it was more his safety than anything," Courtney Payne said. "I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. The whole time he’s sitting there like, 'Am I going to lose my arm? What happened? Why did he do this? Why did grandpa do this to me?'"

Shortly thereafter Emergency Medical Responders arrived to the scene and transported the child to hospital; where Payne’s Granddaughter Courtney accompanied him in the ambulance to attempt to console the injured child with a broken heart.

The Payne’s say that the neighborhood is a quiet one, without ever any incidents and the current tragedy shocked them.

Police began searching for Jose Ortega, but he had fled the scene before they could arrive.

A few hours after the incident they caught up with Ortega trying to enter his home and arrested him taking him into custody.

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Ortega was detained and interrogated by police, at which time he said he never intended to kill his Grandson, but <i>”just wanted to hurt him”</i>.

During the arraignment hearing Ortega expressed remorse for his actions and is now being held on a $50,000.00 bond.


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