By: Kyle James | 10-04-2017 | News
Photo credit: Todd Tracy

Texas Couple Wins $42M Judgement Against Auto Repair Shop

A couple in Texas was just awarded $42 million dollars after faulty repair work on their vehicle left them trapped in their burning vehicle. Marcia and Matthew Seebachan were victims of a car accident in December 2013 when their vehicle caught on fire trapping them inside. Both received burns and crushing injuries when the roof collapsed.

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The couple filed a federal lawsuit claiming the repair work done by John Eagle Collision Center left the vehicle structurally unsound which is probably an understatement. The business which is located in Dallas repaired damage to their vehicles roof from hail with glue instead of welding.

The couple's attorney, Todd Tracy, and John Eagle released a joint statement Tuesday which highlighted their intentions to work together. The two said in the statement they intent to work to improve the collision repair industry's safety standards, how about just don't glue metal parts onto cars?

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Anonymous No. 9173 2017-10-04 : 22:27

Odd that "gluing" metal parts is not standard, seems like most of the structure on my CTS is all attached with some sort of adhesive? Sometimes adhesives have better joining properties due to their ability to flex under stress instead of cracking. Just saying that a weld is not always the strongest way to bond materials together especially over many many stress cycles.

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