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Photo credit: Elizabeth Brumley | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Cell phone video showing the chaos during the Las Vegas concert shooting may also have caught the shooter himself on video. The clip was uploaded to the video sharing site with the caption, "A friend share this with me, he was at Las Begas for his birthday and wittiness the thing. He was on his way to a the casino where the shooting took place and recorded this."

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Stephen Paddock rigged his room on the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay with Cameras and a whole arsenal of weapons before opening fire on a crowded concert taking place below. When the bullets started flying, glass shattered and Jason Aldean ran off stage as people in the audience looked at each other not knowing bullets were flying towards them.

The motive of the shooter remains unknown but the shooter is confirmed to have been from Mesquite, Nevada and killed himself before police entered his hotel room. The attack is the worst mass shooting in American history and follows the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting which previously was the worst.

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Only the MSM or a Liberal would say "The motive of the shooter remains unknown…". The guy was an now known ANTI-TRUMPER and shot up a Country Music Concert. Country Music is pro-America, and not know for being Liberal type venue.

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The motive of the shooter remains unknown only to Liberals and their media talking heads

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Might want to check the comments, guys. Looks like this one's being debunked.

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