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Money can’t buy everything, but it can get you out of those damn lawsuits you face if you’re a pedophile. At least that is the case for billionaire Jeffrey Epstein who paid his way out of another three of the more than two dozen lawsuits that teenage girls have brought forward against him.

Mr Epstein, who stands accused of having arranged underage girls as sex slaves for his wealthy friends, arranged settlements with victims named as LM (1 million $), Jane Doe (2.5 million $) and EW (2 million $).

These settlements came to light because of an ongoing dispute between Mr Epstein with lawyers Bradley Edwards and Scott Rothstein. The latter is serving a 50-year prison sentence for running a 1.2 billion $ Ponzi scheme. (Yes, the rich seem to be great guys).

The politically-connected 64 year old convicted sex offender Epstein started a lawsuit in 2012 against the Florida attorneys in which he claimed that they had fabricated the sex slave allegations to serve as counterweight in Rothstein’s Ponzi scheme trial.

After Mr Rothstein made further allegations which harmed the convicted sex offender’s reputation even more, Mr Epstein dropped the suit but was afterwards countersued by Mr Rothstein for malicious prosecution.

The revelations about the payments Mr Epstein provided to the three young women came as lawyers prepared for a December trial on the lawsuit.

Mr Epstein’s attorney, Ms Tonja Haddad Coleman sought a delay of the trail as she had been ‘unable to talk to her client’ as his estate on his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands was devastated last month by Hurricane Irma. Ms Coleman: “I’ve had no ability to communicate with Mr. Epstein.”.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Donald Hafele did not bite, pointing to Mr Epstein’s enormous wealth and his private jet.

Epstein had reached a similar settlement in May of this year with another underage girl, Miss Virgina Giuffre, in a trail against the billionaire former girlfriend, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. At the time the amount was not disclosed but Miss Giuffre said she was “pleased” with the result.


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>jewish pedophile

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There is one perv never going to prison anymore.

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