By: Savannah Smith | 01-02-2017 | News
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Trump To Repeal The Epic Failure Michelle Obama-Inspired School Lunch Program

Under President Obama's term, even schoolchildren's lunches suck big time, making parents desperately call to President-elect Donald Trump to rescue their poor children and " make their school lunches great again".

There may be more than a glimmer of hope for these parents and their children. Trump is set to work with Republican-dominated Congress to institute fast reforms and repeal many, if not most, of Obama's failed policies as early as during his first 100 days in office. One of the essential ' casualties' being eyed due to its epic melt down is First Lady Michelle Obama's signature program Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010. Michelle's pet advocacy is part of the list of hundreds of regulations and rules Trump should consider eliminating or modifying after he sworn into office, according to the report prepared by the House Freedom Caucus, a powerful Conservative group of Republican lawmakers in the lower house.

According to the group's report, in 2014 alone the National School Lunch Program, the largest of the five school and center-based programs cost $12. 7 billion and supposedly fed about 30 million children each day. There's a catch, however it was observed that the kids are not even eating the food, industries can't comply with the standards and schools are wasting money. In short, another one of those well-packaged politically correct programs as hallmarks of the Obama administration that while it looks good on paper it’s actually miserably failing in reality.

Due to Michelle Obama's " well-intentioned" obsession in fighting child obesity food restrictions on fat, calories, sodium, sugar and other nutritional parameters were enacted in 2012. The problem is, over 1.2 million students have stopped taking school lunches all together. The First-Lady inspired Act also insists on every student taking a fruit or vegetable regardless if they intend to consume it or not, that it has only resulted to massive amount of food wastes because students are simply throwing them away. Such problem has created another predicament for many schools how to deal with the food wastes from all the food that children simply refused to eat. Many schools have fed the lunch leftovers to pigs and other animals at local farms, while others turned to implementing composting programs to contend with the food wastes concerns. Imagine all those wasted food and money being shouldered by taxpayers and not benefiting the children.

So unpopular and detested Michelle's signature program has become with schoolchildren and even with their parents that students across the country have creatively came out with parody videos online, school lunch boycotts and pictures being posted online of their most gruesome, unpalatable lunches with the sarcastic hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama.

The epic failure of Michelle-inspired program is yet another proof of the Obama's administration sorry inability to translate political correctness to palpable, effective programs for Americans that even on supposedly simple matters as school lunches for kids, the people are crying for Trump to apply #MAGA to it.

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