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Photo credit: Tulsa Police

16-Yr-Old Savage in Oklahoma Robs Elderly Couple, Murders Man, Then Rapes the Woman, Repeats Process

He was a good boy. He didn't do nothing wrong.

Except he did. Investigators in Tulsa, Oklahoma say that 16-year-old Deonte Green was not only a vile and despicable animal in his actions, but his bloodthirsty and primitive nature have permanently destroyed an innocent family.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Dave Walker says that Deonte Green isn't an innocent child at all, and the horrific beast kidnapped an elderly couple and forced them to drive to an ATM at gunpoint; making them withdraw their maximum daily allowance.

After taking their cash that wasn't enough for this disgusting mongrel, he then decided to make the elderly couple go back to their home, at which point he shot the man, killing him instantly.

Oh no though, the despicable beast wasn't done, at this point he decided he would rape the woman after he just robbed and killed her lifelong lover in front of her.

Sergeant Walker says as if those brutal crimes weren't enough, Deonte Green had only began his crime spree.

After the kidnapping, robbery, and rape; Deonte Green then ran to a neighbor's home where a woman and her two young daughters were proceeding to get into their vehicle in the garage.

At this point the monstrosity forced the trio inside of their house, where a Broken Arrow Public School Geography Teacher and also the woman's husband 44-year-old Shane Anderson was waiting inside.

Deonte Green didn't hesitate to perform another cold-blooded murder and killed the man in front of his wife and two children.

“The husband fought with Green, and Green shot the husband,” Sergeant Walker said in a news release. “The husband continued to struggle with Green before collapsing inside the house.”

Of course though, this evil spawn of the jungle hadn't finished fulfilling his desires. At this point he then forced the now widow into a back room and raped her as well.

Deonte Green then rummaged through the house, taking whatever valuables he could find like the sickening thief he was; leaving with a handgun and cash according to the police report.

Shortly after the crime spree Tulsa Police located the perpetrator, and he's now facing multiple felony counts of sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping, and two individual counts of first degree murder.

This is why people own guns. Savages like this. This is why you should keep that gun on your hip at all times locked and loaded.


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Anonymous No. 9150 2017-10-04 : 13:43









Thomas B Goldwater No. 9154 2017-10-04 : 14:30

Young people who grew up without Dad, are more likely to BE their OWN Dad…Vegas Shooter grew up without a dad…he was a bank robber on the run…connect the dots people!

Anonymous No. 9156 2017-10-04 : 14:52

Now you see why we used to hang them?

test No. 9158 2017-10-04 : 15:10

First and foremost we own guns to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government or foreign enemies. The bonus is blowing away scum like this.

Anonymous No. 9159 2017-10-04 : 15:33

I'm Black.

I work every day and pay my bills.

Paid my way through college.

I've never in my life asked for a cent from anyone.

This guy here, he's a fucking nigger.

Ol No. 9162 2017-10-04 : 17:27

This is why people own guns. To be Savages

Anonymous No. 9163 2017-10-04 : 17:55

He isn't a savage, he's an adolescent and a criminal or a psychopath. Dehumizing him only makes us seem like we have the higher ground when in the end, we are all people. Put him through the courts. Stop targeting the kid "from the jungle" and be more low key racist about it redpill.

Nate dawg No. 9168 2017-10-04 : 21:07

He looks like a retard forehead bigger than normal one eye pointing east one west pieace of fucking shit we should legally be able to turture and kill this fuck

Anonymous No. 9257 2017-10-06 : 14:10


Spoken like a truth brother. Fuck these niggers giving us a bad nam.

Anonymous No. 9277 2017-10-07 : 00:47

We need to publically crucify this subhuman.

Dumaya No. 9281 2017-10-07 : 01:53

When the centuries-wrought, pristine waters of civil society have effluent introduced, they will soon also turn to effluent.

Blinkered, extremist humanism, in concert with blindness to patent cultural, racial and derivatory difference, are the Gog and Magog of of the homo-sapien Rapture.

When the deterrent for daemonic pursuits is the cosseting of the corrupt state, anarchy will soon ensue…

Anonymous No. 9317 2017-10-08 : 04:14


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